The Mind Body Academy

Personalized program for women 


Health and  Mindset Coaching 

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 The Mind Body Academy is  a health and life coaching program to support women who may be experiencing gut symptoms, want to shed excess weight, and want to develop healthier habits. We use nutrition for hormone and gut support.

And life coaching to help you process emotions and better manage stress; to create a balanced life, and solve for exactly why you are NOT feeling well, because...
You are not just what you eat.


Emotional HEALTH is vital.
We address limiting beliefs, how you think, how you process stress, and emotional guidance.


We do the inner work so you get to live your beautiful life to the fullest.
 You'll create goals for this season in your life and find your purpose.

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Here's what The Mind Body Academy personalized 1:1 coaching looks like ~

3 months of weekly coaching sessions 45 min on Zoom or phone call (10 sessions)


6 Months of weekly coaching sessions on Zoom or phone (20 sessions)

  • Supportive videos and learning materials
  • Support between sessions on Voxer
  • Work on topics to craft a life you love: prioritization, cultivating a growth mindset, using nutrition and movement to support your hormones, stress management, and creating the systems to support your curated life.
  • Hormone health -support your hormones. We tackle uncomfortable topics like belly weight, weight gain, muscle loss, saggy skin, low libido, to name a few. 
  • Mindset coaching - a deep dive into creating the life you love starts with a growth mindset.


Your life CAN feel amazing.
Do the things you love in the body you LOVE

Jump in the pool

Feel good in your family picture

Create balance and calm

Regain a sense of purpose and create YOUR goals for  your life


I'm here to help.


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+1 (704) 226-2515