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Personalized 1:1 coaching program for women over 40


Choose between the Digestive Freedom Plan and the Metabolic Reset Program for mindset coaching and hormone support.

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The Digestive Freedom Plan

Say goodbye to bloating, constipation, diarrhea, weird rashes, and  brain fog. The Digestive Freedom Plan is the solution to learn how food and stress interact with your gut. I teach you how to heal and seal your gut in 30 days and prevent intestinal relapses from happening again. You'll learn how to re-boot your nutrition and find out what's causing your symptoms. You'll learn effective ways to cope and thrive without turning to food and alcohol, which further destroy your precious gut lining. If you want to stop being a slave to the bathroom this program is for you.


The Metabolic Reset Program


The Metabolic Reset Program is  hormone support that addresses multiple conditions. 
If you are tired of the weight gain, despite doing the same things, need nutritional support, stress support and regain a sense of purpose...this is for YOU. You'll find out everything you need to know about your hormones that you didn't even think about.  Give yourself the luxury of personalized medicine tailored for your needs.

Either way, you'll get what you need with 1:1 coaching! 
 You'll create goals for this season in your life and find your purpose.

What you get in Digestive Freedom Plan

  • Detailed Nutrition and Health Assessment to support gut health, mood, and hormones. 
  • A 3 step plan to get your digestive freedom back!
  • A 60 min kick-start call 
  • Doable supplement & nutrition recommendations based on your unique body and needs.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and coaching to make it achievable
  • The six/six: 6 sessions in 6 weeks and then 6 sessions in 12 weeks (12 total sessions, 45 min each) *all sessions on Zoom
  • quick weekly check ins, if needed, even on off weeks
  • Access between calls on a HIPAA compliant portal to upload your medical tests safely
  • A customized roadmap for you and your lifestyle
  • Access to health resources and videos
  • Interpretation of conventional labs and  Functional labs
  • Recommendations which may include further Functional lab testing for gut and hormone health
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What you get in the 

Metabolic Reset Program

  • 6 months of weekly coaching sessions 45 min on Zoom or phone call (24 sessions)
  •  Supportive videos and learning materials
  • Work on topics to craft a life you love: prioritization, cultivating a growth mindset, using nutrition and movement to support your hormones, stress management, and creating the systems to support your curated life.
  • Hormone health -support your hormones. We tackle uncomfortable topics like belly weight, weight gain, muscle loss, saggy skin, low libido, to name a few. 
  • Mindset coaching - a deep dive into creating the life you love starts with a growth mindset.


Your life over 40 CAN feel amazing.
Do the things you love in the body you LOVE

Jump in the pool

Feel good in your family picture

Create balance and calm

Regain a sense of purpose and create YOUR goals for the next phase of your life


I'm here to help.
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