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For the  woman who wants to feel great in her body and mind, knows what to do, but needs a little help getting there

Using Root Cause Medicine + Nutrition + Mindset to create more energy, less stress, and hormone health.

I help women use nutrition for optimal health and mindset coaching to stress less and create resilience.

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Uplevel your health and build the habits to support you. Create the life you've been dreaming of.

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 I help you get:

🌿 more confidence

🌿 more peace

🌿 more direction

🌿 more energy

🌿 more time

🌿 more motivation

🌿 more balance

The cookie cutter approach is an outdated model


You are unique and your experience should be too.


I use Functional Medicine practices to connect how your emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle habits create optimal health in your body AND mind.


We use nutrition to support your mood, mental clarity and gut health.

We do a deep dive into your current wellness to get you feeling amazing.


Mindset coaching helps you look at setbacks and hurdles as opportunities. And helps you create a life you love.


In the next few months you could:


Be less anxious, less stressed

Go on adventures and not worry if there's a bathroom nearby

Have more energy

Less inflammation

Feel like you belong in your body

Find balance on your terms

Be able to concentrate and manage stress

Regain a sense of purpose


I know! I've been there.


I was tired of feeling tired. As a nurse in the medical field for over 20 years I created a plan to get myself to feel great in my body. I became Certified in Functional Medicine... And now I replicate it for my clients. I can do that for you too.


I help you create a life you LOVE


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My passion for wellness, integrative medicine, and life coaching all started from a personal journey navigating my own auto-immune disease and my son’s chronic food allergies and my overall exhaustion living life as a busy mom. 

I saw first hand the downstream effect of unhealthy lifestyle decisions as a Registered Nurse for 10 years.  Prioritizing my own health was a challenge, especially juggling the kid’s schedules, my work, keeping up with house, and nurturing my #1 relationship with my husband. Doing it on my own was hard and I wish I had help along the way. Life coaching was the catalyst to turn my life around and I am committed to helping others. My aim is to educate, inspire and empower my clients towards resilience, vitality and HEALTH  which naturally repels disease and excess weight.

We all deserve good health and balance. You are NOT broken.

Are you a woman who has been to the doctor and told that there's nothing wrong, yet you know there's something off.. Have you been told that being cranky and irritable is part of fluctuating hormones?

Do you suffer from brain fog, weight gain, mood swings, or fatigue? 

The hormonal roller coaster ride creates changes in your  gut microbiome and overall health, yet many women have not been taught what is going on with their bodies.


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To find the answers you’ve been seeking

Lose weight naturally without strict or unrealistic plans

Be mentally sharp

10X your energy

Balance your stress hormones 


Have the energy to complete your goals

Feel Confident in your body

See yourself as a priority

Change your relationship with food


Create life-changing habits to meet all your goals with ease

I’ll show you how to navigate nutrition, use food and natural remedies, to  restore your energy and focus.  You'll manage the stress of daily life and have the energy to create a life you love.

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"My biggest accomplishment while working with Leslie was getting off anxiety medication which I had tried to do so several times in the past. Migraines were reduced in half.  Tests revealed I had candida which explained a lot of my symptoms and issues.  With Leslie’s guidance, I was able to eradicate the candida and constant bloat and actually start absorbing nutrients.  My skin was glowing, my energy levels increased, and my sleep improved.  She is now my Life Coach."

-Jen S

"During recovery from a stroke, I contacted Leslie @ Sage Life Health to help me manage stress and address some needed lifestyle changes. Leslie guided me to take a more active role in moving toward and sustaining my wellness/sense of well being. And, she educated me about the impact of my lifestyle and way of thinking on my health. In doing so, I found the way to ease chronic pain I had been living with for several years, and tools to help me move to a better perspective about my capacity to live a more healthy, vibrant life."


"Working with Leslie  has improved my overall health.   We focused on everything from back pain to weight management and my emotional relationship with food, hunger and cravings.    Learning to push through psychological boundaries to make better choices, was a huge breakthrough.  

Our work was more than just a meal plan.    Leslie focuses on all aspects of healthy living.  Leslie is very organized and easy to talk to.  Trustworthy."  

-Shelly F



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